Are there signature thoughts, feelings or behaviours that can act as sentries to let you know the Barbarians of inner chaos are within sight and you need to take action?

What are you warning signals that help you to notice that you have moved out of balance? 

For me…

When I hear the thought…What’s the point of anything…?

When I feel amazed at how annoying all those around have become today.

When I crave comforts foods like chocolate, beer or chips…

I know I am out of balance and need to recentre myself. How? I have found 3 habits that help me.

Firstly, exercise where I get a least a little sweaty, often jolts me back to balance.

Secondly, a mindfulness body scan can regather me. (I love Mark William’s one here

Finally talking to my beloved or a close friend ( I have to ask specifically – I need to talk – could we meet for a coffee?) often helps me to rebalance. So, for me, exercise, mindfulness and talking about how I feel are my resilience triangle.

Do you know the 3 things that make up your resilience triangle? At our Resilience Workshops, we help you to tap into the Resilience Builders that work for you. Feedback from HR Training Managers and Attendees alike are been overwhelmingly positive with the words engaging, practical and useful, and fun coming up regularly in the Training Reviews. Your staff and colleagues will find their individual resilience triangle of simple practices to protect them from burnout and the effects of chronic stress.


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