Jess™ Shelley A.Crawford
As every HR Manager knows, chronic stress, is the key threat to employee health and productivity in the workplace today. 
This Building Resilience workshop will equip your staff with the tools to create a personal plan to manage the stress they experience and greatly enhance their personal resilience and sense of overall wellbeing. It will strengthen their stress immune system.
Jess™ Shelley A. Crawford
This emphasis of this Workshop is fundamentally practical focusing on the How-to’s of developing resilience to enable participants to manage their particular daily stresses.
Learning Outcomes
  • A clear understanding of resilience and its role as a defence against burnout from chronic stress.
  • A working knowledge of 25 Resilience Builders from the Jess Human Systems Model and a practical understanding of how their implementation into daily life will enhance resilience within the 5 domains of the human person, the Cognitive, the Emotional, the Social , the Physical and the Spiritual.
  • Workshop attendees will be guided in the process of how to implement key Resilience Builders into their working lives.
  • Attendees will equipped with how to identify and assess new stresses and demands as they arise and also how to choose what Resilience Builders they need to use in response.
Jess™ Shelley A. Crawford
Each attendee will leave with a Resilience Building Handbook to enable them to put into practice the learnings of the Workshop immediately and also into the future as they negotiate new demands and stresses in their working and daily lives.

What people have said:

Paul is highly warm personable and engaging, I think that this allowed every one of us to feel safe enough to derive something really valuable and meaningful from the experience. It gave us the chance to reflect on how we can build resilience in our personal and work lives and taught us some extremely valuable tools and techniques for doing that. I would whole-heartedly recommend this training to absolutely everyone, because there is not a person alive that does not need theseskills. Thank you Happy Works for enabling us to have this conversation and for making the experience so liberating and enjoyable!

Susan Kealy

This was the most creative, interesting and comprehensive training on resilience that I have ever attended. The material was evidence based, relevant, and engaging throughout the entire presentation. I found myself wanting to have more time to enjoy this training. I would highly recommended both Oonagh and Paul for their warm facilitation skills and excellent knowledge base. I commend them on putting together such an informative and enjoyable training. I certainly left with a toolbox full of helpful resilience strategies.

Michelle Dolan


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