seedlings being nurturedHappy Works offers coaching for individuals, teams and leaders at every level, from small business owners to entrepreneurs and corporate multinationals.

Our one-to-one coaching is designed to assist a client to identify, and work towards  achieving their personal or work  goals effectively.

It’s effectiveness is based on developing the client’s awareness of the interplay between the different aspects of their lives, and assisting them to focus on the strengths required for the particular goal.

It helps them to see the relationship between what is happening internally and what they are experiencing externally. The solution is with the client. They are the experts in their own life. 

What our Clients say:

I really enjoyed the whole experience of the EC or 360 review and would strongly recommend anyone to take the opportunity to go through the process. Initially it seemed quite daunting seeking feedback from colleagues friends and family but the results were most interesting and enlightening. Paul’s assistance was fantastic in helping me to gain a better understanding of my own emotional intelligence and how I am perceived by others. He also helped me use this information to improve my approach to all aspects of life and adapt the skills to be a more effective manager I have since felt more comfortable, confident  and better able to make decisions and to take decisive action when required.

Daragh Sheedy, Civil Engineer Fingal County Council

Paul was such a patient and understanding support for me when I needed to work through some of my issues. He gives you powerful tools to analyse your thought processes and then make meaningful ways to change whichever area of my life you wish to improve upon or to move in a different direction. What struck me most is Paul’s kindness and genuine care helping you on the issues where you need help with and for that I’m truly grateful.

Maria Kenna SD Water Treatment Ltd

Paul was my coach for six months and during our sessions he help me set goals and meet them successfully. Paul is a proficient coach who excels in strategic planning and intervention. An excellent listener who really champions and supports his client . Paul really adds value to any situation or goalsetting exercise whether in individual or a group setting.

Elaine O’Brien Risk and Compliance Leader, IBM